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Previous Uses

Some of our woods come from generic barns throughout the U.S., and while the barns may be generic, their history is far from it. There are stories in each of these barns; unfortunately we usually don't have access to many specific stories. Other products come from sources where we do know the story, such as the Dan River Mill, Buster Brown Shoe Factory, Heinz, Spiegel Catalog Warehouse, and more.

Signs of Previous Use

All of our Antique and Reclaimed wood flooring has some signs of previous use which includes saw marks, weathering, ferrous bleed, critter tracking, wear marks, nail and bolt holes, color variations and patina. No floor will have all of these characteristics, but one or more characteristic is had in each product. These signs are the hallmark of reclaimed wood and provide you with evidence of the wood's history.

Sustainable Wood

Ultimately, sustainability lies in how a product is used and disposed. Starting with wood which has had a first use is a good start. Some of these woods were put into use as much as 200 years ago, and this wood flooring, under the right circumstances, could last another 200 years.

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