Furniture Elementals

At a recent trade show, we debuted one of our new creations we have called "furniture elementals". These reclaimed cedar boxes come in a variety of sizes, allowing customers to arrange them in any way to suit their needs. TV stand? You've got it. End table? Not a problem. Bookcase? Now you've got a unique and stylish one just the way you want it.

The depth of each box is 12", but we have 15 different width and height options which are as follows:

8x8, 8x12, 8x16, 8x20, 8x24
12x12, 12x16, 12x20, 12x24
16x16, 16x20, 16x24
20x20, 20x24

To begin your project, the outside dimensions for width and height just need to be divisible by 4. So a TV console 48" long x 28" tall works just fine, but a console 48" long x 30" tall does not.

Once you have your size, our example is the 48" x 28" TV console, you can start filling out that area with different sized elementals. Let's start with a 20" tall x 24" wide box for decorative items and on top of it we'll add an 8" x 8" for the remotes with an 8" x 16" next to it for DVDs (the DVD would need to lay down in this size as the 8" dimension is not quite enough for them to stand). Now we have our 28" height on 24" of our total 48" width, next to this we'll add a 16" tall x 24" wide box, and on top of it we'll add a 12" x 24" to fill out the 48" x 28" space. In the future if your TV gets much larger or you add a gaming station or you inherit a bunch of cool old books you can add additional boxes to increase the size and capacity of your console. Or if the cost of getting everything you want right now is prohibitive, you can pick up the basics and add to it after you get that big promotion you have been working toward. We'll be around.

The elementals have 15 different finish options, which you can see below! Maybe you want all the boxes the same color or maybe you'd like them a bit more artsy with all of the colors! While you're checking out the colors, take a look at more photos of the elementals up close along with ones from our trade show.


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