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MadMoose Picture Frames

Picture frames were one of the first items HistoricWoods began selling online and in stores. Over the years, the styles have expanded, methods have changed, and efforts have resulted in high end frames at affordable rates.

From barn wood to redwood to oak, there are several woods we use in different dimensions. Once having "thin" and "chunky" styles of frames, we have now migrated to our "classic" style in all woods. This style is thicker than most frames, allowing it to hold items like stretched canvases without being so thick that it looks odd or is in the way.

We use two methods for hanging frames: sawtooth hangers or French cleats for larger frames. For smaller frames, we give the option of table stands, which are easy to take off and reattach, so the frame becomes more versatile. All frames are glued with hidden splines for added strength—no metal fasteners to work loose. Overall, our objective is to create a strong, beautiful frame with lots of character that will last for years to come. If you're interested, shop by clicking the link below!

These frames are wonderfully constructed - very high quality and my paintings fit in them perfectly. I had a difficult time finding 9 X 12" frames and was excited to see these were available AND make of repurposed wood. My favorite of the two has an unusual feature on it that makes it one-of-a-kind. I love that! They were carefully wrapped and shipped too- a top-notch job to ensure they reached me in the best possible shape. Thanks so much!

- Anne (Sept. 2018)

These are beautifully made with sturdy hangers. We ordered 3 and each one has just enough difference to show they are hand made from reclaimed wood....exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend.

- Andrew (March 2018)

These frames were perfect! They arrived in mint condition and were exactly what I wanted. My house is very primitive and they go so well with my decor. I love how easy it is to place a picture inside:). I know I will be ordering more.

- Darla (Aug. 2018)

Absolutely love my frame! I’ve had that painting for 4 years without a frame because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Had this one custom made. it’s perfect!! I’m a big fan of the reclaimed wood pieces. the old nail holes give the frame character and the dark stain lets the colors pop. Excellent workmanship. Custom order was finished and shipped quickly, too.

- Jadyn (Feb. 2018)

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