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FreshCut Hickory Flooring

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Fresh cut Hickory FullSawn is one of our most adventurous products; after the board is cut from the log the surface is left intact with saw marks, knots, color variations and whatever other character the board picked up through drying and handling; we will maximize the use of this forest resource by providing the widest and longest boards possible.

Specie--American Hickory (Carya)
Source--FreshCut (not recycled) from well managed American forest lands
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 7 
Hardness--Janka Rating: 1360
Our Character Rating--7.0 (rustic elements)

Solid Wood Flooring

Millwork--¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends 
Widths--3” to 10” milled to the full inch wide with custom sizes available
Length--up to 12'; with an average length of about 7'; minimum 2' 
Face--original and wire-brushed 
Optional Factory Finish--Hard Wax Oil

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