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Antique AutumnWoods Scar'dFace™ Flooring

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This is different; we are so accustomed to a single specie in a floor that we don't consider mixing several species together; the hearty settlers that built the barns we now salvage were not so much concerned about what a type of wood looked like, rather, their concern was how it would perform; hence, the structure of most 19th century barns are made up of multiple species of strong woods; an AutumnWoods floor is reflective of the timbers in one of these barns, in that there are coarse grained woods along side of fine grain, open grain with closed grain, very light woods with nutmeg and rose tones; in the end the floor is a wonderful tapestry of very different wood woven together with the common threads of durability and beauty.

Specie--predominately Elm, Oak, Ash, Maple & Beech but any hardwood may be included
Source--antique 100% recycled primarily timbers from 19th century barns
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4 
Hardness--Janka Rating: 1300 averaged 
Our Character Rating--6.2 (rustic elements)

Solid Wood Flooring

Millwork--¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends 
Widths--3” to 7 ” wide with custom sizes available
Lengths--up to 12'; with an average length of about 6'; minimum 2' 
Face--planed smooth & sanded 
Optional Factory Finish--Hard Wax Oil

Engineered Wood Flooring

Millwork--16mm total thickness with a 4mm wear layer and 12mm platform--tongue & groove edges & ends 
Widths--3” to 7 ” with custom sizes available 
Lenghts--up to 12'; with an average length of about 5'; minimum 2' 
Face--planed smooth & filled 
Optional Factory Finish--Hard Wax Oil

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