Our People



Kyle has 25 years of experience working with reclaimed wood. He set out on his own in 2006. He loves the company he's developed and is proud of the team he's put together.

Shop Leader/Sales/Artisan

Matt has been with HistoricWoods since he was a teenager. He's grown from a denailer to a very skilled craftsman who enjoys working on our more complex projects. He's Kyle's right hand man and keeps the shop running smoothly.

Office Manager/Sales/Maker

Nikki is often the first face customers see as she spends a lot of her time at the computer developing systems to track and improve efficiency in the company. Originally hired for the office, she's found a love of working with her hands too and gets out into the shop whenever she can.


Nick has a lot of experience in metal working, woodworking, and construction. This past experience has allowed him to be comfortable working on a variety of projects here. 

Demolition Specialist

Matt "Butters" Butterfield has been with the company part-time for a few years now. He greets everyone with a smile and has a good attitude about what he does.

Demolition Specialist

Preston is no stranger to dirty work. He spends his time tearing down fences, denailing, powerwashing, and more. It's not the most exciting work, but what he does is vital for the company.


Jaden spends most of his time working on products for our feature walls by sorting and creating packs. 


Javier has taken courses in woodworking and is extremely consistent. He's not one for much small talk, but he is one to work hard and not complain about the dirty work.

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