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Barn Wood AgedSawn™ Flooring

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It takes a big leap to see this reclaimed wood as siding on a very old barn with the rough weathering, split boards and intensely rustic nature, to envision it as a beautiful floor with rustic elements and  charm; the AgedSawn™ product will have the original barn wood weathering and texture; we brush it off nicely to remove loose wood and debris and grade out the unusable wood; this process creates a floor full of texture and color with a varied tone; and because the barn wood is soft it is one of those floors that will gain character as it is used; this floor is very rustic, and is perfect for the mountain or desert retreat.

Specie -- any softwood
Grade -- AgedSawn™
Source -- antique 100% recycled primarily siding from barns
US Green Building Council LEED® Points -- MR 4 
Hardness -- Janka Rating: 500
Our Character Rating -- 93 (very rustic)

Solid Wood Flooring

Millwork -- ¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends 
Widths -- 3” to 9 ” milled to the full inch wide with custom sizes available
Lengths -- up to 12'; with an average length of about 6' 
Face -- original 
Optional Factory Finish -- Hard Wax Oil or 2K Invisible

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