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Vineyard Wood

Vineyard Wood is likely the most rustic option HistoricWoods offers for feature walls. Thickness and width can vary significantly, but this does mean that every wall it's placed upon will be full of natural character With the size variation, no milled option is offered. However this as is wood could be the perfect choice for you!

All boards are less than 3" in width, but they come cut conveniently to 3', 4', or 5' in length for customers, which should aid significantly in planning the installation. 

Unlike our urban woods which are sorted into their color tones or paints, all of the vineyard wood comes together. Boards can vary from nearly white to medium gray to a dark brown. Color and variation wise, this product compares most closely with Weathered Urban Wood but has more limited sizing and more variation in thickness and color.

HistoricWoods offers a clear finish option for this choice of feature wall. While more often than not this wood is kept all natural, the finish darkens the wood and brings out richer tones.

Pieces of wood with a more narrow width means more boards and thus more time installing, but what you lose in time, you gain in financial savings. Vineyard Wood is budget friendly as the least expensive option offered by HistoricWoods. With hundreds of square feet typically in stock, this is one wood you can get started with today. Come by and check it out in person.

Feeling wary of tackling a wall with this much variation in sizing? Our team had firsthand experience installing this wall at our last location and can give you tips and ease your worries. 

Pictured here is our sample panel of Vineyard Wood. Even just from a sample you can see the gaps and large thickness differences on the ends of boards. Don't let that scare you off! While not totally necessary, we do recommend painting the wall black to allow a more natural look as the eye goes straight through the gaps instead of focusing on what's behind them. 

Like the idea of rough variation, but want greater widths? Check out Mushroom Wood.

What about wood as opposite as can be from this option? Head over to Remilled Cedar for a smoother option with less variation, but still plenty of character and charm!

Retail Pricing

Level 1 <50

Level 2 5-+

Level 3 125+

Level 4 500+

$5.00 SF

$4.25 SF

$3.50 SF

$3.00 SF

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