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Weathered Urban Wood

The weathered urban wood comes from many sources including barns, fences, and decks. These boards have an overall gray tone, but have a lot of color in natural earth tones giving a great rustic contrast. Most of the wood is salvaged ourselves around the state of Utah. Once back in the shop, the boards are denailed and end-trimmed, but all of the weathering is left natural, so you know that what you're getting is authentic.

This product is offered with boards rough 4 sides or milled 3 sides. If the milled option is selected, all boards will be the same widths and thicknesses for a more even look. Left rough for sides allows for differences in thickness and width for more variety. This option is more budget friendly, but will still allow you to achieve a nice and unique look. No matter which option is selected, we recommend painting the wall (or plywood which you can nail to the studs) black to allow the eye to pass through the wood instead of focusing on what's behind it.

Why a large increase in cost for the milled option? In addition to the standard factors such as labor and waste, authentic weathered wood causes our shop to go through knives and blades at a high rate of speed. While we prefer the look and character of reclaimed wood as opposed to new wood, we'd be lying if we said we aren't envious of how long knives on a planer last when working with new wood. When you stop by, take a look at our basket of knives in the showroom that we use to illustrate just how many we go through.

Like this look for other projects? We offer our Weathered Urban Wood in 2x and 4x sizes for other purposes.

More often than not this wood is left unfinished and it can last for decades that way, but if you're interested in extra protection, we do offer a finish. This "Hard Wax Oil" finish helps lock in potential splinters, tends to provide a more even color tone, and darkens the wood. Examples of these finish options can be viewed below.

Board Sizes

1" x 4" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 3 Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66" 

1" x 6" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 5" Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66"

2" x 4" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 90" 

1 1/4" x 3" Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 90"  

Finish Options


Clear Hard Wax Oil Finish

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