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TimeWorn Urban Wood

Clear Hard Wax Oil Finish

Our TimeWorn Urban Wood is taken primarily from weathered fences that we have salvaged ourselves. Unlike the weathered option, this product has been powerwashed, which brings out more of the brown tones as opposed to the grays while maintaining character gained during the weathering process and removing large remnants of paint.

As a reclaimed wood company, we find beauty in what others may view as trash. The remnants of paint left on the wood may cause others to send it straight to the dump, but we try to utilize all of the wood that we can. The powerwashing can sometimes leave marks at a diagonal on the boards, which can have a similar appearance to saw marks. This added character is great for the cost.

Like Vineyard Wood, this feature wall option is budget friendly as one of our least expensive options. Typically in stock in 1x4, you can get started on a project with this wood right away. Whether you use it for a feature wall or turn it into furniture as we have, it's a great option to bring warm brown tones into your space. HistoricWoods is still experimenting with tinted color finishes on this product, but for now you can see the Clear Hard Wax Oil finish which darkens, seals, and makes the product richer. 

Any of our Urban Wood products can be combined with each other to create an even more varied and unique feature wall. A popular combination is TimeWorn Urban Wood with Weathered Urban Wood for people who are looking for a balance between brown and gray. Check out the photos near the bottom of the page to see the combination we implemented for a headboard between TimeWorn, Weathered, GhostGray, and Faded Red all from our Urban Woods.

Board Sizes

1" x 4" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 3 Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66" 

1" x 6" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 5" Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66"

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