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Faded Red Urban Wood

Faded Red Urban Wood is a rare and highly unique look that can bring a pop of color into your space. We've salvaged this wood from around the state of Utah and sorted this option very specifically. Much of the wood we salvage is covered in paint, but when the wood is totally covered we end up milling it down to bright wood. This is where we get products like our Remilled Cedar and Remilled Redwood. However when we can see weathering through the paint, we're able to sort out our products like Faded Red and White Urban Wood. 

As pictured on the sample, some of the red is subtle with large amounts of gray weathering coming through while other boards have significantly more paint. This illustrates how unique every piece can be, despite having paint. 

Board Sizes

1" x 4" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 3 Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66" 

1" x 6" Nominal | Rough 4 sides | Up to 66" 

1/2" x 5" Net | Milled 3 sides | Up to 66"

As pictured here from our "MotleyBlend" staggered headboard, faded red can be combined with our other urban woods to include more color. This headboard features Weathered, TimeWorn, GhostGray, and the Faded Red. 

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