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Salty Fir Timber

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These are reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers from the rail road trestle which crossed the Great Salt Lake; the saline soaked timbers have picked up some additional minerals which adds coloring and variation; since the original application was in log form we resize the timbers with the option of rough circle-sawn, band-sawn or planed smooth textures; while the rough circle-sawn seems the most rustic, the smooth surfaces reveal more of the added character from the lake; good cross section sizes are available along with great lengths, and these timbers are rather easily structurally graded allowing for a design that also can be engineered to fully support many differing structures.

Specie--primarily Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Grade--can be graded #1 or #2 structural

Source--antique 100% recycled from the pilings of the Lucin Cut Off railroad trestle

Millwork--band sawn, or planed

Dimensions--up to 14" x 16" sometimes larger depending on current inventory

Lengths--up to 32' long

US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4

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