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Antique Douglas Fir Timber

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We take old, and sometimes gnarly, reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers and resaw them to specific sizes and down to bright wood; while the timbers have much of the patina removed there is still plenty of marks of previous use, such as: nail and bolt holes, deep patina such as black streaks and some checking that is filled with patina; with the reclaimed Douglas Fir resized and straightened, the timbers will be far more stable than their new wood counterpart making them perfect for timber framing and construction of other framing elements.

Specie--primarily Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Grade--can be graded #1 or #2 structural

Source--antique 100% recycled primarily timbers from industrial buildings

Millwork--band sawn, or planed

Dimensions--up to 12" x 16" sometimes larger depending on current inventory

Lengths--up to 30' long

US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4

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