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Southern Yellow Pine Flooring

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The decking material in the Spiegel Catalog Warehouse complex served as the previous life of much of this flooring; it is very likely that in its heyday an order from the catalog would have passed over this very wood; with today’s titanic retail markets it is easy to forget how important the catalog warehouse was to a bygone era; the catalog warehouses have been deconstructed and this pine is available as flooring; the wood has a classic pine look with lots of red knots, reddish brown heart wood interspersed with lighter colored sapwood; in addition to these traditional elements there is a gripping nail hole pattern with holes generally surrounded by ferrous bleed to attest to the wood’s previous life.

Specie--Southern Yellow Pine 
Source--antique 100% recycled primarily from industrial salvage including Spiegel Catalog Warehouse
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4 
Hardness--Janka Rating: 690
Our Character Rating--6.8 (rustic elements)

Solid Wood Flooring

Millwork--¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends 
Widths--4¾” & 8½”
Lengths--up to 14'; with an average length of about 6'; minimum 2' 
Face--planed smooth
Optional Factory Finish--Hard Wax Oil

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