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Rescued Plank Gray

Rescued Plank Gray is a great choice for those looking for a barn wood style with large widths and lengths. Lengths are often found as long as 16'. With widths up to 12", this option offers a lot of size variation. While it has variation here, the color variation is limited, unlike another weathered gray product like Weathered Urban Wood. Plenty of character is still had throughout the boards, but with a more even light gray tone. This makes it a good option for someone who wants the appearance of the wood to be less busy.

This wood is great for interior or exterior use. It's very durable and tends to be slightly thicker than the 1x material in our urban woods. In addition to being thicker, the thickness and widths tend to be more consistent, so while millwork will guarantee this consistency it's not absolutely necessary to achieve an even look.

Board Sizes

1" x 4" nominal

3/4" x 3" net

1" x 6" nominal

3/4" x 5 net

1" x 8" nominal

3/4" x 7" net

1" x 10" nominal

3/4" x 9 net

1" x 12" nominal

3/4" x 11 net

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