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Rustic Douglas Fir Timber

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Trees die all the time in the forest, some times en mass due to insects, disease, drought or fire; in these cases acres of trees have died and are left standing; as forest management plans are finalized it is usually several years before these trees are harvested; that time has allowed the timber to release its initial movement; the timbers and beams we cut from these trees are more stable than timbers cut from fresh harvest and no trees were killed in the salvage.

Specie--primarily Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Grade--can be graded #1 or #2 structural

Source--salvaged, but not recycled trees which have died from insects, disease or fire which are still standing in Rocky Mountain forest lands; also refered to as forest salvaged, rescued & standing dead

Millwork--circle-sawn band sawn, or planed

Dimensions--up to 12" x 16" sometimes larger depending on current inventory

Lengths--up to 30' long

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