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Reclaimed Picklewood

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Through the last century and before pickles, wine and vinegar were prepared in large wooden vats; over time these vats weathered on the outside and were nicely aged by mixture inside; picklewood, therefore can be a fully aged or weathered product or it can be milled to expose the bright wood and the remnants of the mixtures the wood contains; either way this wood is dynamic and unique.

Specie--mostly douglas fir, redwood, white cedar and cypress 
Source--antique 100% recycled primarily pickle vats from Heinz and Vlassic and a few other lesser know names 
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4 

Applications & Specifications

Board & Bat--5/8" thick--2” bats on 5" boards 
Board on Board--5/8" thick--5" wide
Board to Board--5/8" thick--3" - 6" widths available
Shiplap--1/2" thick 3" - 5" width available
Wedgelap--5/8" thick--5" or 6" widths available

Trim--up to 2" thick--up to 6" widths available

Lengths--up to 8' long with 90% or more longer than 6'

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