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Mushroom Wood

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Like the name states, this wood is mushroom wood recovered from mushroom growing facilities; the wood was the bunk material on which the enzymes in which the mushrooms are grown was spread; the enzymes wear away the softer portions of the wood leaving a surface with a nice, aged texture and color.

Specie--mixed softwood 
Source--antique 100% recycled from mushroom growing facilities 
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4 

Applications & Specifications

Board & Bat--about 7/8" thick--4” bats on 8" or 10" boards 
Board on Board--about 7/8" thick--4" - 12 " width available
Board to Board--about 7/8" thick--4" - 12 " width available
Shiplap--3/4" thick--4" - 7" width available
Wedgelap--1/2" to 7/8" thick--6"or 8" width available

Trim--up to 2" thick--up to 8" width available

Lengths--up to 16' with longer lengths available on a limited basis

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