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Hand-Hewn Timber

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Originally hand-hewn as a framing component of a barn these timbers have since aged with nice patina and can be a spectacular anchor or addition to just about any design; the face will have abundant texture and character and the color will range from brown to gray, and will show many signs of age such as weathering and checking; in addition to the natural aging, signs of the craftsmen who built these old barns is also evident, usually as a mortise pocket or other kind of joint carved with hand tools to fit the timbers together to support the structure without modern fasteners; in short each timber was carved with hand tools by a craftsman for a specific purpose and then aged for over a hundred years in a cool is that?

Specie--mixed specie

Grade--standard or character; a very limited number of timbers may be graded structural #2

Source--antique 100% recycled primarily timbers from 19th century barns

Millwork--original hand-hewn

Dimensions--up to 12" x 12" sometimes larger depending on current inventory

Lengths--up to 30' long

US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4

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