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Specification Sheets

Antique Wood Flooring

Antique Tobacco Oak AgedSawn

Antique Tobacco Oak PatinaDeep

Antique Tobacco Oak Scar'dFace

Antique Tobacco Oak ExposedGrain

Antique Tobacco Beech PatinaDeep

Antique Tobacco Beech Scar'dFace

Antique Barn Wood AgedSawn

Antique Barn Wood PatinaDeep

Antique Barn Wood Scar'dFace

Antique Chestnut PatinaDeep

Antique Chestnut Scar'dFace

Antique Heart Pine ExposedGrain

Antique Heart Pine PatinaDeep

Antique Heart Pine Scar'dFace

Southern Yellow Pine

Antique Hickory Scar'dFace

Antique Hickory PatinaDeep

Reclaimed Weathered Cedar

Antique AutumnWoods PatinaDeep

Antique AutumnWoods Scar'dFace

Antique Greenheart Scar'dFace

Antique Warehouse Maple Scar'dFace Original

Antique Warehouse Maple Scar'dFace Remilled

FreshCut Wood Flooring

Cherry Clarion

Cherry Natural

Cherry FullSawn

Hickory Clarion

Hickory Natural

Hickory FullSawn

Maple Clarion

Maple Natural

Walnut Clarion

Walnut Natural

Walnut FullSawn

White Oak Clarion

White Oak Natural

White Oak FullSawn

Timbers & Beams

Antique Douglas Fir Timber

Antique Salty Fir Timber

Antique Hand-Hewn Timber

Antique Oak Timber

Weathered Timber

Rescued Douglas Fir Timber

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