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Remilled Redwood

Remilled Redwood is another product that we have salvaged ourselves from around the state of Utah. Redwood is light in weight, rich in color and character, and can bring a very unique and sophisticated warmth to a space. As one of our less popular options, you know that remilled redwood would set you apart and keep your space exceptionally unique.

Unlike many of our options, milled is the only way the redwood comes so you're guaranteed even widths making installing that much easier.

We've come up with three of our standard finish colors that are nice alternatives to a clear finish on redwood. The Chalk finish creates a subtle pink - think little girl's bedroom. The Fawn finish is similar to the clear finish, however it subdues the red slightly while bringing out rich brown tones amongst the reds. Just like with our Remilled Cedar, the DirtyGray finish creates a lot of contrast and very unique tones that will definitely set the wood apart from other options.


Board Sizes

1" x 3" Net | Milled 4 sides | Up to 66"

1/2" x 5" Net | Milled 4 sides | Up to 66"

1 1/4" x 3" Net | Milled 4 sides | Up to 90"

1 1/4" x 5" Net | Milled 4 sides | Up to 90" 

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