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Crates & Boxes

Traditional Barn Wood Crates

Our traditional barn wood crates feature naturally weathered barn wood on the faces and edges. The wood varies from a light gray to to a deep brown. The variations in the wood make every crate unique. We offer them in an unfinished style or with a clear oil finish.

Reclaimed Cedar Crates

Our traditional reclaimed cedar crates have been milled on all four sides. The character of the wood is still clearly visible though, even with one of our several tinted finish options. Although these crates don't feature any weathering, they still provide great rustic charm.

Combination Crates

If you like traditional barn wood and reclaimed cedar crates then you'll love a combination! These crates are exceptionally unique.

Barn Wood Boxes

Barn wood boxes feature the natural weathering on the exterior and have been milled on the interior. They have several customizable options: rope handles; finish vs. unfinished; hinged lid, drop lid, or no lid!

Barn Wood Slat Crates

Our barn wood slat crates feature one side of narrow pieces of barn would while the other three sides and showcase wider pieces that are edge to edge, similar to the barn wood boxes. As with all naturally weathered barn wood, variations in color and character are present.

Reclaimed Cedar Box Joint Crates

The reclaimed cedar box joint crates are finished with a clear oil, which enhances the natural character. Smooth handles are carved on each end. The box joint style does not only create a sturdily built product, but creates a visually striking one as well.

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