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Bedroom Furniture

The LunarCanyon shop offers headboards in a number of styles and the list of options is growing every week! The headboard focus of our shop began with a custom bed frame request from a customer. The first headboard was our Horizon Headboard with Posts ReMilled Series Queen Size (although this wasn't the original name) with a clear finish. It consisted of two 48" posts connected to a panel made up of 9 reclaimed cedar boards that stood 27" tall. Once the first style was established, the artisans began creating and perfecting headboards until they were one of our most popular products.

The two basic styles we work with most often are Staggered and Horizon. The Horizon consists of full length boards while the Staggered is just how the name sounds. Both of these styles are offered in just a panel or with posts and varying woods and finishes. Our style of "The Verge" was recently added to our shop and in the coming months you can see many of our other styles available for purchase as a standard listing. In the meantime, if you are on the hunt for a custom headboard, come to us with your vision and we can help you make it happen.

Below you can view our 15 different finishes for reclaimed cedar and our options for our "Textured Series" as well as check out some of the custom bedroom furniture projects we've recently tackled. Our line of bedroom products may have begun with a headboard, but we're always excited to tackle new challenges and expand our line of standard products. At the bottom of the page, check out some of the reviews left by our customers!

Textured Series
Barn Wood Unfinished
Barn Wood Clear Oil
TimeWorn Unfinished
TimeWorn Clear Oil
Remilled Cedar Finish Options
Custom Projects

These matching nightstands and dresser were an order for a customer who initially only planned on purchasing a headboard from us, not knowing we do all kinds of custom work, but loved the idea we pitched them! The blue sides are made from our TimeWorn wood with blue spray paint while the drawers and tops are made from reclaimed cedar with the Fawn finish.

Absolutely perfect!!! Can’t beat the quality for the price! Try and go buy some china made stuff that won’t look nowhere as good and cost double the price.

- Wayne (June 2018)

Just what we wanted. Gorgeous piece of wood, finished nicely, but still rustic, knotholes and all! Couldn't be happier. Delivered as promised.

- Barbara (Oct. 2018)

Headboard was easy to assemble and looks great. Love the reclaimed character on the cedar.

- Tyler (Feb. 2018)

Love my new headboard/footboard! It is beautifully made, they worked with us on a ship date and it is easy to reassemble.

- Beth (Nov. 2018)