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Antique Heart Pine ExposedGrain™ Flooring

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We call this product antique, but ancient could be a more accurate description; the original timbers were milled from trees likely 400 years old; these timbers provided the structure for warehouses, factories or textile mills for the next 100-150 years before we got our hands on them; a quick calculation reveals that the trees from whence this wood sprang were likely seedlings when Columbus dropped his foot on our shores; while the history is great, the wood is even better; the ExposedGrain product will have tight growth rings, high heart content and few character marks; while the grain is very distinct, it flows smoothly from one board to another; the color is a bit bold, but the warm glow from the red and amber hues is incredibly inviting.

Specie--primarily Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine 
Source--antique 100% recycled primarily industrial salvage 
US Green Building Council LEED® Points--MR 4 
Hardness--Janka Rating: 870
Our Character Rating--4.4 (ample character)

Solid Wood Flooring

Millwork--¾” thick, tongue & groove edges, squared ends 
Widths--3” to 8” milled to the full inch wide with custom sizes available
Lengths--up to 12'; with an average length of about 6'; minimum 2' 
Face--planed smooth & sanded 
Optional Factory Finish--Hard Wax Oil

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