FreshCut Wood Flooring

Sustainable Wood

Ultimately, sustainability lies in how a product is used and disposed. Starting with a certified wood is a great start as it helps ensure responsible use of our forest resources. Place that wood into an enduring design and superior construction so that the structure, and wood floor, lasts for generations is a great second step.

How long do you want your floor planks?

You want them for a very long time. We know, it's an old, bad joke, but we're serious. You do want your floor for a very long time, so you want the best floor you can get. Instead of putting the wood through the normal chop shop mill which puts out floor boards that fit nicely into a 7'pack, we focus on using as much of the board as possible, in one piece. Our floor boards average 6' - 8', depending on the product, providing you with a floor which fits your space.

Design with Confidence

One of these floors is a great place to start a design. We offer samples which allow you to compare other design elements to your floor, and if the has the right look, but not quite the right color we can offer you different stain options and then work with your contractor to help achieve the right color on your finished floor.